Monday, April 26, 2010

Web Administration for IndiMail

I always find using the web ugly. It is a pain using the mouse almost all the time to do anything. One of the reasons I have never focussed on building a web administration tool for Indimail.

Lately my users have been pestering me if something can be done about it. I have no knowledge of web scripting, etc. But using some bit of common sense, I have managed to make qmailadmin work with IndiMail by modifying the source code (lucky for me, they are written in C).

For the admin user it provides
  1. user addition
  2. user deletion
  3. password change
  4. adding autoresponders
  5. deleting autoresponders
  6. modifying autoresponders
  7. adding forwarding addresses
  8. deleting forwarding addresses
  9. modifying forwarding addreses
  10. quota modification
For users other than the postmaster account it provides
  1. Password change
  2. add/modify/delete forwarding addresses
  3. add/modify/delete autoresponder
iwebadmin can be downloaded from

The RPM / Yum Repo file can be downloaded from

You can download IndiMail at

The RPM can be downloaded from

After installation, you just need to go to
The image assets get installed in /var/www/html/images/iwebadmin
The html  assets get installed in /var/indimail/share/iwebadmin

The screen shots are below


Anonymous said...

The link to the RPM is dead.... Are there any updated instructions?

cprogrammer said...

Thanks. The link has been updated

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