Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post Handle

IndiMail provides a handle post successful operation of few programs. A post execution handle is a program with the same name as that of the calling program but in the directory /usr/libexec/indimail. On successful completion, such programs will execute the handle program and return the status of the called handle program.
In my experience of setting up mail servers in the corporate world, often it is required that users be added to external databases which could be part of some strange enterprise applications. It could be as simple as adding users to your ldap server when creating a mailbox on IndiMail. Sometimes it could be as bad as adding users to ADS (ugh).
IndiMail (release 1.6.9 onwards) provides you a hook, to execute any program after successful completion of the programs, vadddomain, vaddaliasdomain, vdeldomain, vadduser and vdeluser, vrenamedomain, vrenameuser, vmovuser, vpasswd.
A hook can be defined by creating a script or an executable in /usr/libexec/indimail with the name of the program being executed. e.g. if you create a script named vadduser in the directory /usr/libexec/indimail, the script will get executed whenever the program vadduser is used to add a user to indimail. The execution happens only if the program completes successfully. Depending on what you need to do, you can customize the scripts in a jiffy.
The hook script name can be overridden by setting the POST_HANDLE environment variable.
See the man pages of vadddomain, vaddaliasdomain, vdeldomain, vadduser, vmoduser, vmoveuser, vdeluser, vrenamedomain, vrenameuser, vpasswd.
for more details.
Let me know if you create an interesting script.
Example of using a handle is when adding a user, you want vuserinfo to be run.
% cat /var/indimail/libexec/vadduser
exec /var/indimail/bin/vuserinfo $1

If you have the above, then this is what will happen when you add a user
% sudo /var/indimail/bin/vadduser
New IndiMail password for
Retype new IndiMail password:
name :
passwd : $1$awb5a5oV$/3rsmlKSu.wzwIFhBzMf7/ (MD5)
uid : 1
gid : 0
-all services available
gecos : test05
dir : /home/mail/T2Zsym/ (missing)
quota : 5242880 [5.00 Mb]
curr quota : 0S,0C
Mail Store IP : (Clustered - local)
Mail Store ID : 1000
Sql Database :
Table Name : indimail
Relay Allowed : NO
Days inact : 0 days 00 Hrs 00 Mins 00 Secs
Added On : ( Sat Apr 24 19:49:06 2010
last auth : Not yet logged in
last IMAP : Not yet logged in
last POP3 : Not yet logged in
PassChange : Not yet Changed
Inact Date : Not yet Inactivated
Activ Date : ( Sat Apr 24 19:49:06 2010
Delivery Time : No Mails Delivered yet / Per Day Limit not configured

I personally use post execution handle for adding some mandatory users every time I add a new domain. So this is what my vadddomain handle looks like

% cat /var/indimail/libexec/vadddomain
/var/indimail/bin/vdominfo $1
/var/indimail/bin/valias -i '&register-spam' register-spam@$1
/var/indimail/bin/valias -i '&register-ham' register-ham@$1
/var/indimail/bin/valias -i '&spam' spam@$1
/var/indimail/bin/valias -i '&ham' ham@$1
/var/indimail/bin/vadduser -e prefilt@$1 xxxxxxxx
/var/indimail/bin/vadduser -e postfilt@$1 xxxxxxxx
/var/indimail/bin/vcfilter -i -t spamFilter -c 3 -k "Yes, spamicity=" -f Spam -b 0 -h 33 prefilt@$1
/bin/ls -dl /var/indimail/domains/$1
/bin/ls -al /var/indimail/domains/$1
exit 0


banias said...

dir : /home/mail/T2Zsym/ (missing)

what is about "(missing)"?

there is "/home/mail/T2Zsym/"
but there is not "/home/mail/T2Zsym/" directory.

how can i fix it? when it is missing, i take iwebadmin errors


cprogrammer said...

indimail will automatically create the directory under 2 conditions
1. when an email is sent to the user
2. when the user logs in

By default vadduser command does not create the home directory. However when -d option is passed to vadduser, the directory gets created during user creation.

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