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Finally Released Indimail 1.0

What could have been a better date than Aug 15 12:00 hrs? Felt great and happy to release on this day of the year. It was a well spent day at office where we celebrated the independence day.

I have spent a lot of my personal time on this since 2001 even though lot of the code is not mine. My only expectation is for my friends to pick up useful code from the release.

indimail now works with FC9 (where init has been replaced by upstart).

More at

My First Web Page

I had never liked html. Finally with a bit of googling, landed on and managed to create my first web page at

I will be soon putting up my documentation up there.

I still have work to do on installing the MySQL database. I hope to do that in my bootstrap script which runs when i do make install or make install-strip

What is IndiMail

What is IndiMail

Would anybody be interested in a package which combines qmail with other packages like courier-imap for IMAP/POP3, bogofilter for SPAM control, fetchmail for hosts with intermittent connectivity, ability for a single domain to have users across multiple hosts (even across different geographical locations) and tools to manage virtual domains ?

As a hobby way back in 2001 I started playing with qmail. Over the years, i learnt how to use qmail and put together a complete solution which worked quite well for me and can work for large ISP installations (> 8 million+ users in a single domain across multiple hosts and more than 4 million deliveries per day). Maybe some of the stuff could prove useful for someone who had the same situation as me (very little budget to buy costly NAS filers, availability of simple hardware, etc). So with this thoughts, I am attempting my first big contribution to open source. I am not sure how one releases code. But I have opened a project ca…