Saturday, June 14, 2008

My First Web Page

I had never liked html. Finally with a bit of googling, landed on and managed to create my first web page at

I will be soon putting up my documentation up there.

I still have work to do on installing the MySQL database. I hope to do that in my bootstrap script which runs when i do make install or make install-strip


4thought said...

Manny...I work with Rajesh now... in Sify...

Best of Luck....


LINUX said...

Hi Manny,

This is Rajesh, Happy to see you here.

We have implemented high performance and high availability mail server using your mail code. It is working pretty cool. I request you to do more concentrate on this and provide good messaging application to the World.

William Richard (Rich) Stevens is your hero but you are my hero and i learnt how to handle the issue's in a cool manner from you.

Note : If you dont like html coding , you can use WT, i know it is not matured but still, it will improve when you start work on that. Selfish comment but still it will help the internet community to use C++ webtoolkit.

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