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Handling Bounces yourself

IndiMail allows a mechanism by which you can use your own script/program to handle bounces. All bounces in IndiMail is generated by qmail-send.qmail-send generates a bounce when qmail-lspawn or qmail-rspawn reports a permanent failed delivery. A bounce is generated by qmail-send by injecting a new mail in the queue using qmail-queue. This bounce generation by qmail-send can be modified in three ways

1. Using environment variable BOUNCEPROCESSOR

When you define the environment variable BOUNCEPROCESSOR as a valid path to a program or script, the program gets called whenever a delivery fails permanently. The program runs with the uid qmails and is passed the following five arguments

bounce_file bounce_report bounce_sender original_recipient bounce_recipient

To set BOUNCEPROCESSOR, you would do the following

# echo "path_of_your_bounce_processor" > /service/qmail-send.25/variables/BOUNCEPROCESSOR

There are few email marketing companies who are using BOUNCEPROCESSOR to insert the…