Sunday, April 11, 2010

Default Quota when adding users

IndiMail has ability to configure various limits for a domain using the vlimit(1) program. You can set password expiry, default quota, allow only POP3 access and even have an expiry date for the domain.

One useful feature of setting domain limits is setting the default quota when adding users using the vaddduser(1) command.

To turn on domain limits for a domain, you need to run the vmodddomain(1) program

% /var/indimail/bin/vmoddomain -l 1

The compile time default for quota is 5 Mb which may not be what you want. If you want 50 Mb of quota to be assigned by default when adding users, here is what you need to do

% sudo /var/indimail/bin/vlimit -q 50000000

% sudo /var/indimail/bin/vadduser pass
name :
passwd : $1$O9bi66Kf$chrSBpdPDFZh49XrgpUSt0 (MD5)
uid : 1
gid : 0
-all services available
gecos : user01
dir : /home/mail/T2Zsym/
quota : 50000000 [47.68 Mb] <============ 50 Mb Quota =========
curr quota : 0S,0C
Mail Store IP : (Clustered - local)
Mail Store ID : 1000
Sql Database : localhost:indimail:xxxxxxxx
Table Name : indimail
Relay Allowed : NO
Days inact : 0 days 00 Hrs 50 Mins 56 Secs
Added On : ( Sun Apr 11 11:24:08 2010
last auth : Not yet logged in
last IMAP : Not yet logged in
last POP3 : Not yet logged in
PassChange : Not yet Changed
Inact Date : Not yet Inactivated
Activ Date : ( Sun Apr 11 11:24:08 2010
Delivery Time : No Mails Delivered yet / Per Day Limit not configured

NOTE: vlimit(1) program is vmoddolimits(1) in indimail-1.7.2 and earlier

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