Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Setting Disclaimers on your outgoing mails

In my earlier article, I showed how to set up automatic rule based archival. I had discussed email archival as one of the many compliance requirements you might have. Sometimes you may also require to configure disclaimers in your messaging system. e.g for UK Companies Act 2006, IRS Circular 230.

IndiMail provides a utility called altermime(1) to add your own disclaimers on each and every mail that goes out through your IndiMail messaging server. You can use any of the two options below to configure disclaimers

Option 1 - using /var/indimail/control/filterargs

The filterargs control file allows you to insert any filter before remote or local delivery. You can use altermime to insert a disclaimer as below

*:/var/indimail/bin/altermime --input=- \

If you want disclaimer to be used only for your outgoing mails then, you could do the following

*:remote:/var/indimail/bin/altermime --input=- \

In both the above examples the file /var/indimail/control/disclaimer contains the text of your disclaimer

Option 2 - Set the FILTERARGS environment variable
Just like filterargs control file, the environment variable FILTERARGS allows you to set any custom filter before your mail gets deposited into the queue by qmail-queue(8).

% su
# echo /var/indimail/bin/altermime --input=- --disclaimer=/var/indimail/control/disclaimer \
> /service/qmail-smtpd.587/variables/FILTERARGS
# svc -d /service/qmail-smtpd.587
# svc -u /service/qmail-smtpd.587

Read altermime(1) man page for more details

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