Sunday, May 2, 2010

Instant Mail to domains added by vadddomain

IndiMail has a program called vbulletin using which you can instantly email all your subscribers in a domain that has been created using vadddomain. Whenever an authentication requests comes to IndiMail through POP3, IMAP or authenticated SMTP, a hook called Login_Tasks gets called. One of the job that Login_Tasks does is to look for a file, in RFC822 format, with ",all" in the end of the filename. If such a file is found, it is copied to the user's Maildir. By using the timestamp of the original file, Login_Tasks also ensures that the file is copied once only.

The good thing about using bulletins is that the email is available instantly to all users. No queues, no delays and a huge saving of system resources.

You can manually copy the file to /var/indimail/control/domain_name/bulk_mail directory or use the vbulletin command

% vbulletin -f /tmp/new_offers.eml -a

vbulletin is especially useful when you want to target a subsection of your users or when you have large number of mail delivery hosts in an IndiMail cluster.

Read the man page vbulletin(1) for more details

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