Sunday, November 22, 2009

Publishing IndiMail Statistics for your domain

You can now configure MRTG Graphs to show statistics for IndiMail . You need to have mrtg installed on your system. If you do not have mrtg, you can execute yum/dnf

% sudo yum install mrtg

on some systems you might need to use dnf

% sudo dnf install mrtg

You need to execute the following steps (assuming your web server document root is /var/www/html)

 % sudo /usr/sbin/svctool --mrtg=/var/www/html/mailmrtg --servicedir=/service

After carrying out the above step,  check the status of mrtg service

% sudo svstat /service/mrtg
/service/mrtg/: up (pid 2443) 35254 seconds

Point your browser to /var/www/html/mailmrtg and you should see the graphs.

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